Testing Out

Partner to Remember

It is essential that you find someone with whom to share this practice of Scripture memory. The best accountability partner is someone who is willing to work hard and encourage you to work hard. We have found that those who work to memorize Scripture without such a partner, struggle greatly. Find a Christian friend, co-worker, spouse, or relative to join you in your Scripture memory journey. To test out, you will recite memorized Scripture to this partner.Your partner may provide you with help if needed. Once you successfully recite (test out) a passage, you can move on toward memorizing the next chapter or passage in your schedule.

Testing out is important because it will help you remain accountable for the time you are spending in meditation and memorization. It also puts a bit of pressure on you to really memorize Scripture, rather than merely becoming familiar with it. Since there is flexibility to move as your own pace, it is not absolutely necessary for your partner to test out on the same day. Feel free to take an extra day before testing out even if your partner is ready. Also, it is not necessary for your partner to memorize the same material as you. You may be memorizing Colossians while your partner is memorizing 1 John.

When reciting Scripture to your partner, your partner should provide the next starter phrase in order to jog your memory if you get stumpted. If you have followed the system and put forth a good effort, you should not need to be reminded more than a couple of times while reciting each block of Scripture. If you find yourself really struggling to recall the material, perhaps you should take a few more days to polish up your memorization and then attempt to test out again. Do not move on to a new block or book without testing out. Giving an account for the work that you have done is rewarding and will inspire you to continue your hard work.

Now you are ready to begin! From here, you should choose a book of the Bible that excites. Print out the sheets and schedule. Also, we would love to hear how it is going so send us feedback whenever you like.

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